Artist Karen Carty has been executing paintings for clients in private collections worldwide, select gallery exhibitions, and collections for numerous buildings both public and private through Interior Designers, for 35 years.

Her work is found in private collections in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Northern California, New York, Geneva, Paris, Berlin, New Zealand, Croatia, and in Monaco -  where a Private Residential Gallery is devoted entirely to her work. 

As a natural extension of her work in fine art, Karen began exploring the archetypal geometries and symbols of civilizations and cultures worldwide in 1986, deeply curious as to their import and origin.

In 1988 she began an in-depth study of the Ancient Art and Science of Sacred Geometry. Karen has since emerged as one of the leading artists of only a handful internationally who have developed a comprehensive understanding of this fascinating and profound subject.

Her fine art, and in-depth understanding of Sacred Geometry bring to her public an understanding which bridges the compartmentalized “languages” of Science, Religion and Philosophy, and their subsequent polarizing effects on modern societies of the 21st century.

She continues to welcome private painting commissions from clients internationally.