Sacred Geometry

Insights, Art, and Understanding for the Third Millennium


Sacred Geometry is the ancient, profound body of knowledge which sat at the nexus of art, science, religion and philosophy in diverse cultures around this planet. This ancient art and science is literally a universal language of simple yet elegant geometries, proportions and principles which reveal the universal archetypal processes, patterns, templates and dynamics underlying all life and all forms in creation.

Evidence of the understanding, use and application of the remarkable body of knowledge that is Sacred Geometry is now being uncovered in architecture, art, myth, legend, symbol, and texts left as legacies to modern man by ancient civilizations around the globe. It is found in the great mystery schools of Plato and Pythagoras, the esoteric brotherhoods throughout the ages, the Hebrew Kabbalah, and during the Renaissance, in the works of Vitruvius, Fra Luca Pacioli, and the great master Leonardo Da Vinci.

The predominant worldview today is one of reductionism. Our thinking and understanding of ourselves and the world around us have been conditioned (distorted actually) by the pervasive, authoritative voices of religion, science and philosophy. All are “languages” if you will, developed throughout history to understand and explain Creation, Creation process, and the origin and ultimate fate of human life, each through its own biased “vocabulary” or semantics. Each represents a single, though dis-connected aspect of a much larger, more all-encompassing truth.

Traditionally, Western cultures have been conditioned to view themselves as separate from creation, yet superior to that which surrounds them. In that separation they are unable to see or inherently identify with the forces that “inform” and “drive” all of Creation, including the human.

As we look around us in this the ”Third Millennium”, we observe an unyielding global need for a deeper, more unified understanding that in some way bridges the polarizing effects of these disparate vocabularies, both within modern man, and subsequently within his societies. To my mind as an artist, it is absolutely critical to lead people in the highly polarized global environment of today to a deeper, more unified understanding of themselves, and the world around them.

Seeing and understanding how the universal laws and concepts within Sacred Geometry unfold and progress with complete visual simplicity and elegance, and geometric and mathematical precision, is a way in which “the Mystery of Creation” is made visible. It is a crucial step in convincing the rational “left brain” aspect of modern man that sees and registers everything as separate and unrelated – that there is truly one and only One intention behind the creation and evolution of all Form, including the human form, and only One design moving through everything in existence, from microcosmic to macrocosmic levels in Creation. Once the logical side of the brain “sees”, through Sacred Geometry’s astonishingly precise language of geometric unfolding, the truth of this Oneness – which the intuitive “right brain” never divorced itself from – integration of the polarized left and right aspects begin to take place, and we begin to move from duality to unity consciousness, the result of a very real experience of transcendence in the truest sense of the word.